Although the year has started a little grey and chilly, at PlayHouse we’ve been looking on the sunny side with some of the fresh, new digital design ideas that will brighten your screens over the next year.

Here’s our list of the six digital design trends that you must pay attention to this year.

1. Bright, Bold Colours

Graphic designers are already showing their courage. Bright, clashing colours are going to be a loud and proud feature of design in 2018. With the new SVG capabilities in OpenType font formats, colour fonts in marketing emails are already becoming popular.

2. 90’s Fashion

You may have already seen the Clueless-inspired fashion in stores. 90’s fashion and imagery are going to be a huge trend in 2018. Think web design with bright colours on dark backgrounds and that signature 90’s squiggle!

3. No More Gender Stereotypes

More brands are re-thinking their portrayal of outdated gender roles. Unilever have discovered that women no longer relate to the picture-perfect housewife in their adverts.

The Advertising Standards Authority in UK are also planning to issue new rules regarding gender norms. Expect to see some refreshed ideas on how gender is presented in the coming year’s adverts.

4. The Colour Purple – Ultra Violet

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, ultra-violet is set to be the official colour of 2018.

5. Split Page Web Design

Although we love a big, statement hero image on a homepage, 2018 will see a shift to more split page web designs. Split page designs are ideal for creating equal importance visually in your landing pages or homepage.

6. Calming Everything

2016 was a politically chaotic year. In 2017, we were still trying to recover. But according to Facebook, 2018 will be the year we seek to distil our stress. Calming everything, is going to be reflected in design trends, with soft, cute character illustrationsc and positive statements.

There are plenty of design trends in the digital marketing industry and it’s hard to mention all of them, but these 6 are some we at Playhouse expect to be popular in 2018.

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