Whoever came up with the idea of social media trends certainly did not have to follow them.

In the world of digital marketing and PR trends rule. They are the hoops you have to jump through and hurdles you need to tackle to make ends meet. Trends change daily and what is hot and sizzling today can be reduced to embers tomorrow. In lieu of this we took it upon ourselves to create a quarterly trend document detailing what marketeers need to know about trends and what’s trending per time. The results are in and as you would expect, interesting.

This year started like any year. We were all full of hopes and expectations of what the new year would bring. Of course, there was the looming deadline for the old Naira notes, but nobody thought less than a couple of months into the year we would be paying, correction; buying Naira. Of course, this charted the course for the first quatre of the year and a lot had to change in terms of how brands market themselves and relate to their audience.

The first quarter of the year is gone but some of its trends are here to stay; at least for the foreseeable future. Based on our research, here are a few things you keep in mind while thinking of brand marketing and PR in 2023:

● THE MESSIER THE BETTER. Audiences are interested in what goes on behind the scenes.

● Create a TIGHT KNIT COMMUNITY to market to your target audience.


● How will you operate in A COOKIELESS FUTURE?


● Why do you need to make your brand available for MULTI-SEARCH?

● Are you being INTRUSIVE with your ads?

● ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE as a part of brand PR.

You can read the full report here and stay updated on the trends already identified for the first quarter of this here.

Also be on the lookout for Q2 trends report.

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